Thursday 28 February 2013

Needle felting adventures

A little while ago I obtained this really cute needle felting set. I was so excited since I never needle felted before. I cannot read Japanese but apparently the 120-180 marked on the front of the package is the amount of time in minutes it takes to make the whole keychain

As I started working on my little bear I noticed that I totally underestimated how easy this would be. I'm happy to say I only stabbed myself once during this whole project.

As you can see my little bear turned out completely different from the bear on the packaging. My lovely boyfriend and mother told me it actually looked cuter this way.


I immediately went on etsy and ordered some wool roving to start my own creations so keep your eyes peeled for those as I hope to be able to share some of them with you soon.

What would you like me to needle felt next? Let me know through comments, Facebook or twitter.


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