Wednesday 27 February 2013

half way there


Its been about 6 months since I set my 21 goals. In another 6 months ill be 22, and guess what I am nowhere near the where I want to be.

  1. Travel somewhere outside of Europe
  2. Learn to speak German
  3. Run 5km in under 30 min
  4. Open up my own online store
  5. Make a painting
  6. Go running on the beach
  7. Take a yoga class or something of that sort
  8. Volunteer somewhere
  9. Read at least 3 books I haven't read yet from the top 100 books
  10. Learn to do a split
  11. Create an inspiration board
  12. Lose 7kg/ 15,4lbs
  13. Try out a lot of new recipes
  14. Start waking up earlier
  15. Learn to deal with my emotional eating habits ( maybe I’ll even break them)
  16. Write a short story
  17. Take a free online class
  18. Go on a picnic
  19. Improve my posture
  20. Find a job
  21. Make plans to move out of my mother’s home

To be honest I think ill never be able to cross number 2 and 12 off in time. I haven been actively learning German or eating healthy.

Do you think I can still do it? let me know.



  1. I can teach you German ;oD but I'm doing a bad job teaching hubby German as well... So I would suggest the book "German in 10 Minutes a day"! It's great!

    1. the funny thing is I think I have that book. I just haven't taken the time to use it or any other resource. I can read German books (very slowly) just cant make my own sentences yet.

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