Wednesday 4 July 2012

Simple recipe: French toast

First of in this little simple recipe series is the French toast.
french toast recipe
brown or white bread slices (I like using brown bread)
butter or oil ( for baking the toast)
1 egg per 2 or 3 bread slices
a dash of milk
sugar to taste
cinnamon powder (optional)
step 1: softly beat the eggs in a shallow plate until nicely mixed.
step2: add in the milk and the sugar and mix again.
step3: heat a little butter or oil in a frying pan.
step 4: soak the bread in the mixture making sure both sides are soaked with the mixture.
step 5: add the soaked bread to the pan and quickly cook them until brown on both sides.
step 6: remove from pan and add the cinnamon powder or enjoy them without

Don't forget to share any of your favourite simple recipe’s in the comments.


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