Friday 6 July 2012

5 things to do this summer

That are budget friendly.
I was thinking of activities to do this summer which wont cost me heaps of money. After some brainstorming I came up with this short list of 5 things to do this summer.
beach 1.Visit the beach
Visiting the beach doesn't break your bank. getting there may cost you some money if you are not a car owner and the beach isn't close enough to go by foot or bicycle. But that is all the money you will have to spend.
Pack a bag with some snacks and a lot of water. Take some friends with you and build sand castles or take a book and just read the day away. Don't forget to wear sunscreen!
lemonade 2.Make your own lemonade or ice cream
Making your own lemonade or ice cream is heaps of fun. Invite your best friend to come join you in the kitchen, when your done enjoy your homemade treats in your garden.
Allrecipes has some lovely recipes for both lemonade and ice cream.
Picnic 3. Hold a picnic
Get all your friends together (or hold a family picnic) and divide the items needed by the amount of people. if you hold a big picnic you will probably get away with only buying paper plates and preparing a simple dish. now isn't that neat?
Choose an area near a tree so there will be enough shade. Take a blanket with you if you are afraid of getting grass stains on your clothes.
neighbourhood 4. Just go out and explore your neighbourhood
This may be the cheapest thing on the list. Its super easy, put on some comfortable shoes, open your front door step outside and start walking (don't forget to close the door.). Turn the other way than you usually do and explore new places close to home.
take a camera and make picture’s of all the thing you've never noticed before.
water-balloon 5. Hold a water balloon fight.
Go to the dollar store get yourself as much water balloons as you can afford. Invite your friends, fill the balloons with water and let the battle begin.
Don't wear white while doing this!!

I hope you will enjoy your summer. If you have any suggestions for other summer activities on a budget leave them in the comments.signature

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