Thursday 12 April 2012

Going to Amsterdam.

DSCN0446 Today I went to Amsterdam with my boyfriend and his parents we went there by train and visited a museum and then went out to dinner.

We went to the the National Maritime Museum and we stayed until they closed. I’m usually not that interested in ships but there where some interesting exhibitions so I enjoyed myself.  They had a lot things to do and buttons to press which always makes me happy.  There even was a ship which was build to replicate a real VOC ship which you could enter. I thought the inside of the ship was a bit claustrophobic and when I overheard a tour guide say they actually made the roof a bit higher for practical use I couldn’t believe it. the painting on the front (or back I don't know) was kind of strange.

DSCN0452the VOC ship next to the museumDSCN0450 the outside of the museum taken from the top of the ship


After the museum we had something to eat at a restaurant. I still need to get used to taking pictures of the things I do. When I’m outside with people I get all self-conscious about whipping out my camera.

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