Wednesday 28 March 2012

21 days later

twenty-one days have passed and I’m a total cheater. Although I didn't eat any bad things for almost 21 days, I did cheat the day before my mothers birthday by eating one little chocolate bonbon. The worst thing off all I didn't even enjoy it, the moment the bonbon was in  my mouth a wave of sadness and disappointment hit me. I wanted to stop the whole project right there and spend the next day (my mothers birthday) eating all the sweets I wanted. Luckily my dear boyfriend talked me out of it. And I have to say I’m no longer disappointed in myself cause the next day was one of the most tempting of all. To let you get a bit of an idea I took some photo’s
Luckily there was also a fruit salad and lovely sandwiches with salmon. I’m really proud of myself, even though I cheated, I never though I would last more than a week without all my precious sweets. Now the 21 days are over the real fast-food like burger king and the such will still be avoided but all the other foods on the list will not. I will however never eat them all in the quantity that I used to.
I actually really liked doing a 21 day challenge so I made one for the next 21 days. I’m going to run for at least 10 min every day. I love running but I dislike the idea of starting, once I'm finally in my running gear outside I cant be stopped. Getting myself to that point however is a bit of a challenge.

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