Tuesday 20 March 2012

spring wish list

Since the weather is changing for the better I wanted to take a look at the spring clothes. Not that I will be able to buy any since I'm saving to move out of my mothers house coming summer, but a girl can always window shop can’t she? even if its an online window. To be honest I didn’t really like most of the clothes that are online right now. Which is probably for the better seeing my whole not able to spend money situation. But I did fall in love with the clothes pictured above. The shoes are from H&M and although I’m usually not satisfied with the quality of shoes from H&M I do really love the colour and shape of these sandals. Since I’m in no way able to buy them anyway it doesn't really matter if the quality is bad or not on these ones. On to the top, I really like white t-shirts with these kind of prints on them and I especially love that its not a normal cut t-shirt. The dresses simply scream spring to me and if I break my commitment to saving money its most likely going to be on one of these dresses. I just love the subtle floral print of the first one and the coral colour of the second dress and the back is to die for. The shirt and the dresses are all from New Look which seems to be becoming my new go to clothes store.

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