Thursday 19 April 2012

floral Etsy finds

I love floral prints so when I stumbled upon some floral products on Etsy I immediately thought about making this blog post. All the items fit spring and summer so the timing seems right.Heart Shaped Rose Goats Milk Soap with Floral Scent

first up the Heart Shaped Rose Goats Milk Soap with Floral Scent from SudsySoapShop

Vintage Book Clutch, French Design, brown and beige, floral this lovely Vintage book clutch from hintOfvintage

April - Bumble Bee Bracelet Pearl Pink Beaded Glass Flower Bracelet this bracelet from BeezNbirdz which has a forest feel

Sage green earrings these sage green earrings from stoastn

Flowerbed: Handmade Ballet Flats from De Bonis Orquera these bold coloured ballet flats from DeBonisOrquera

Cassiopeia - Rose floral headband this ridiculously beautiful headband from SchickiMickis

summer dress this beautiful sundress from LovelyMelodyClothing

I hope everyone enjoys their spring and summer.

1 comment:

  1. Lovely floral finds
    You can almost smell spring
    thank you
    SchickiMickis :)