Tuesday 18 October 2011

running, mail & a shirt

last Sunday i had to run 8km for STOP AIDS NOW. i had a lot of friends who sponsored me (Thank you all <3). I woke up in very early because I had a huge headache and felt very sick (I was probably way to nervous) so after figuring out I couldn't sleep anymore I got out of bed. A short time of me being again way to nervous passed and. Me and my boyfriend left to go to Amsterdam where I would run. we had to park 25 minutes (walking minutes :P) away from the Olympic stadium. I got an awesome STOP AIDS NOW T-shirt to run in.DSCN0146

I didn't train as much as I would have liked to but I did run the 8 km and I'm pretty happy with the time I did it in. Afterwards I got a pretty medal. I now have 2 running medals :D and I’m not stopping here.DSCN0143

later that day my boyfriend and me went to my house to eat dinner with my mother and uncle. when I got home there was a huge pile of mail waiting for me.  DSCN0142

10 postcards (3 from postcrossing and 7 from the round robin) and a couple of packages which included some postcard books I ordered from bookdepository. a walk with me step counter that I got for my boyfriend, a secret Christmas gift for my brother (shhhh…) and a T-shirt from cheezburger.com DSCN0145

being away from home for a long time has its upsides like getting to open a lot of packages especially if you forget that you even ordered half of it.

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