Wednesday 12 October 2011

no camera = no fun

I wanted to make a lot of post last week , even had a few I wanted to do this week.

I wanted to make a beautiful post about the October Round Robin I’M involved in. I wanted to show all the beautiful cards I sent to everybody. decided to make a messy pile of all the cards I had selected for the 30 people that I had to sent a postcard to. Make a picture and upload it with a story of how hard it was for me to find me of the cards and how my hand got all shaky from writhing 30 addresses 30 personal massages and sticking on 30 stamps. But silly me, I got so exited that I finished writing them all that I put them all in the the mailbox before taking a photo. I immediately promised to myself that I would make a pile of the 30 cards I will receive this month and take a picture, lets hope I don't forget this time.

I also wanted to make a few post about things I have been doing like the delicious little muffins I made.

now for the extremely smart part of the story. this week I'm spending my time over at my boyfriends house. And Friday we are going to be making dinner for his parents. I had it all thought out I would make pictures of us trying to make something a bit fancy and pictures of the finished dinner. but when my boyfriend came and picked me up from my house on Monday night I forgot to take my camera with me. I also forgot to take my coat with me so I'm stuck in his house (cause its way to rainy and cold outside to go out) with no camera to take pretty pictures for the blog.

guess I just need to get a bit more organized about these things.

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