Tuesday 4 October 2011

the weekend


this weekend was a lot of fun. On Saturday me and my Mother decided to go to Leiden when we arrived we realised that Leiden was celebrating …Big. there was an enormous funfair and a lot of people. I usually don't like big crowds but everyone was very happy and the overall mood was good. We did avoid the most crowded streets most of the day. We went to multiple bookstores and I found lots of books i can put on my wish list for Christmas. like “Planet world by Stephen fry & J.P. Davidson”. we found a little supermarket which only sells  biologic goods. after walking around the city for a few hours my mother decided we had to get something to drink. we had tea and citron cake at the Hortus Bontanicus (botanical garden). after that we decided to go back home. Sunday was really sunny so we visited the park near my house. went for tea again an just enjoyed the sun.

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