Wednesday 2 November 2011

IKEA with mom

On Monday me and my mother decided to bike to the nearest IKEA. Which is about a 17 km bike ride.  Luckily the weather was on our side and I even had to take my coat of while riding the bicycle because I got to hot. At first  I really didn't like the idea of biking so far but me and my mom talked the whole bike ride which was pretty nice.

Me and my mother both had made a little list of what we wanted to buy at the IKEA, only small things since we were on bicycles. I wanted to get a few baking supplies for at my boyfriends house and she wanted to get some things for Christmas. After about one or two hours we had almost everything  I couldn't find some baking molds the site said it had and my mother couldn't find a fake Christmas tree she wanted. It turned out they sold out of the Christmas trees a few days back and they wouldn't be getting them anymore. Which I found a bit strange seeing is only November and Christmas isn't until the end of December.

after all I'm quite happy with my purchases I bought


the SOCKERKAKA baking mold and baking mat

some STRÅLA snowflake lights for on my mirror

two other STRÅLA light for at my boyfriends

and some paper baking cups.

Cant wait to start baking and I'm suddenly so exited for Christmas.

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