Tuesday 30 October 2012

Dressing up without dressing up

If Just like me you don't want to go around in a full blown costume during Halloween, be it because you don't live in a country where Halloween is celebrated or because you just don’t like to, I have the solution.

Dress up without dressing up!

To illustrate what I mean take a look at the 3 examples I made using polyvore.

Alice in wonderlandFirst up is Alice in wonderland. To get the Alice in wonderland look take a blue skirt and a white top (or a dress like the one above) put on some white tights and a pair of Mary Jane style shoes. Finish of the look by adding a black bow in your hair, any teacup or playing card jewellery will make this look more awesome. Keep your makeup light and maybe paint your nails something like this.

Black CatNext up is a black cat. This look is super easy just put on all black clothes something tightly fitting will work best. Put on a couple of cat earrings or a cat necklace. The cat eared hat gives it all away, you could of course leave it at home for an even more subtle look. Makeup wise cat eyes are a no brainer, keep your nails a simple black or dark colour.

Snow white

And now for my favourite one of them all, Snow White. Get yourself a yellow dress and a bright blue jacket or cardigan. A simple black shoe and a red headband complete this look. I adore apple necklaces and they fit perfectly with Snow White’s Image. Use a bright red lipstick and make sure your face is as fair as possible. For your nails something like this would work great.

Have you ever done something like this? Will you try it out? let me know in the comments.signature


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  8. Really cute ideas here for an adult version of Halloween dress up without a "costume". =D

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