Wednesday 3 October 2012

colourful TN + a small giveaway

Recently I received a travelling notebook from Melissa.

she came up with the lovely idea to make a travelling notebook and assigning every participant a colour so all the pages would be very colourful. I got assigned the colour blue ( I asked for this colour so I'm very happy)
I was the first person to write in this lovely notebook and a made 5 pages, filled with blue.
DSCN0760 An example of one of the pages. I cut up a Jip and Janneke postcard for this one
Did you ever participate in a travelling notebook? If so how was your experience?

I am hosting a little give-away. You can win 30 days of ad space please consider joining in.

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  1. A traveling journal? What a fun idea!

  2. never done a traveling notebook but i'd write a poem!
    kw, Ladies in Navy

    1. I included a famous poem, wish i was any good at writing a poem myself