Sunday 27 May 2012

setting goals and achieving them

Ever set wanted to achieve something but never got around to it?
I had the same experience until I took it a bit more serious, after that it was all so simple.
I myself am a real list maker, I have list of things I want to achieve all around the house. Does simply writing them down make me achieve them, well no. Luckily I know the way to actually achieving your goals.
Define your goal: First of define what your real goal is, don’t settle for something general like save more money. define how much money you would like to actually save more and by when.
Actually want your goal: This may sound strange to you but just believe me it’s important. Is the goals your thinking about really something you want or is it something someone else in your life wants for you? Make sure you really want it so you wont get discouraged along the way.
Believe it will work: Start with a positive attitude. “of course I you will be able to save an extra 20 dollars a month” this work a bit better than starting with a thought like “how will is save that much money if I cant already do it now?”
Write it down: It doesn't work on its one but mixed with these steps writing it down will surely help you achieve it. To get even more out of this step stick your goals somewhere you will be able to see it everyday.
Split it up: If you want to save money for lets say a new car, think about how much money you need to save. How much you are able to save each month and split it up into small goals. The same goes for finishing a project. First define how much there needs to be done. Then split it up in doable chunks and make those into little sub goals.
Review what you got so far: Review what you got so far. go through all the steps again up until this point and make sure everything still applies.
Schedule it: Get your planner, your Smartphone, Google calendar and so forth and schedule in all the mini goals and of course the deadline for the big goal. Does it still seem like something you will be able to do? if not review your plan and improve where needed.
And last but not least DO IT, all the steps above will be a waste of time if you don't do the thing you just planned in.
Have fun reaching your goals.signature

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