Sunday 4 March 2012

The weekend

On Saturday I went to the nearby mall and we did some shopping. I didn't buy anything myself but I did find something to put on my 30 day list. One of the things which I think will probably survive the list is a packet of lace tape which I saw at Kruitvat for only €1.99.
It also seemed as if I was cursed with some kind of practical joke curse. Since almost every item I touched in the shops made sound and not the nice kind of sound, no the kind of sound which makes you want to run and hide until it's over. Every card I opened, every doll I touched, they all made sounds. Luckily my mother thought it was quite funny.
After we came home from shopping there was still some time before my boyfriend would come pick me up to go get my brother's girlfriend a birthday gift. Now I can't really remember how this happened but my mother and me ended up playing soccer with a little bouncing ball which belong to my cat. At first the cat chased the ball around like crazy but she got tired (or bored) quite fast. I love when my mother and me goof around like this, it makes me remember the old times when I was just a kid and she and I used to throw sock balls at each other until we hit my dad and he got so mad we had to stop.
But back to my weekend. Finding a present for my brother's girlfriend was harder than expected. I even ended up calling her asking for advice. She sent us to the oil&vinegar store where we still had a bit of a struggle in finding the perfect gift. We got her a big tin of amaretti cookies and a bottle in a bottle to keep your oil and vinegar close. She loved the gifts, so it was a success.
I had to go to the library today. Since it's quite far, I had checked which books where available on the internet prior to going to the library so that I wouldn't be going for nothing. But once I arrived there I found out only one of the three books I had originally intended to borrow was available. The librarian explained to me that at this time of year (close to exam period now) the books which are supposed to be read for school are only available for a few hours and that I could put up a reservation for some books on the web. I don't actually understand how it works exactly but apparently when you reserve a book when the person who is borrowing it, brings back the book you get a message and they store it for you.
I also tried using an epilator for my legs for the first time in my life today (I'm lying, I only did one leg so far but I'm going to do the next one soon). It didn't hurt as much as I expected but my leg is all red and irritated now, hope this will go away soon.

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