Monday 9 January 2012

the weekend

a little recap of my weekend

Finally did some real homework. exams are coming closer and closer and I finally decided to get started on al the work I still had to do before the exams.

On Saturday I decided I would exercise. there's this exercise challenge called the ninety-nine in which you do 99 jumping jacks 99 sit ups 99 seconds plank 99 leg lifts and 9 push ups. then you do 88 of everything then 77 and so on. silly untrained me started doing 99 jumping jacks then 64 sit ups and then I stopped out of total exhaustion. I have been having sore muscles the whole of Sunday and even a bit  of today. maybe I should start slower.

As you may notice i also added a goodreads status update bar to the blog. just because I like to think its important to read what I am reading :). feel free to ignore it completely.

On Saturday me and my boyfriend also went on a little shopping trip he got me the most wonderful coat ever. Its from Jane Norman and I'm so in love with it I just want to go outside for no reason so I can wear it.

I especially love the teddy bear fur :D

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