Friday 6 January 2012

belated new years post.

Happy new years everyone.

As every year I made a long list of new years resolutions and as every year all the resolutions have been broken in the first week. yes I know it quite pathetic but I know I'm not alone on this one. So I will try to find out a way to actually stick to your new years resolutions/goals. When I find out I will make a lovely blog post about it just don't know if this will be a blog post I will do anytime soon since it not on my that urgent on my to do list.

This year will be most likely to rock. I have way to much stuff to do this year. Getting ready for my exams in May will be the biggest one. I also have a few running events I'm taking part in.  And I decided to try and get a few friends to run with me in march so I’ll see how that one works out for me. If/when I pass my exams I will be going to college (finally) which  is also a big event for me but we will see about that one later on after I have done the exams :).

wish me luck, and have a happy and healthy 2012

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