Monday 30 January 2012

the week of hundreds

another Blogilates challenge I am doing this week i will have to do one hundred reps of an exercise.  Luckily I am able to do them in sets all over the day.
now for the exercises for this week:
MON: Pilates Hundred
TUES: 100 calf raises
WED: 100 squat pulses
THURS: 100 pushups
FRI: 100 leg lifts
SAT: 100 chest pulses
SUN: 100 eagle crunches
I found out about this one a bit late so ill have to do the Pilates Hundred before going to bed tonight.
now if you want to join in and don't know some of the exercises she explains them all in Cassey's YouTube video about the challenge.
wish me luck :D

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