Saturday 21 January 2012

Studying like its 1999

This week I was suppose to do a lot of math homework but as always I ended up doing almost nothing. Yesterday night while I was browsing the web (yes I know productive stuff.)  I stumbled upon a  video on how to outline and how to keep organised while studying. after watching the video I searched around, watched a few more video’s and read some blog posts and Wikihow pages.  So after going to bed at around 2 and laying awake for another hour I made the decision to make some changes to my way of studying. The best decision was to leave my laptop in an other room. If I'm studying and I see my laptop its as if I’m unable to look back at my books. today I didn't do a lot of homework but I still did more than yesterday and for the first time in a long time I'm doing my homework and my studying in an effective way.
some tips:
  • outline every chapter. and I recommend you to search the web for some basics on outlining,
  • make sure you have everything near you. get all the books on the subject you are doing get a calculator and pens. gather together everything you may think you will need if you didn't need it its ok but if you find yourself getting up to search for something there is a big chance you will get distracted.
  • find the right place to study. find out what works for you.
  • get a big glass of water to sip from during your studies. apparently dehydration even if its just a little bit lowers your study skills by a lot.
  • keep your notes neat and organized.
  • find out what are the best study times for you.
these are just some of the tips I got from my little late night research. I hope some of them help you, good luck.

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