Monday 30 July 2012

July favourites

July was a great month for me and I have collected some awesome favourites to share with you.

This months favourite recipe: Milk and chocolate chip cookie cupcakes by Steph from raspberry cupcake.milk and chocolate chip cookies cupcakes Head over to her blog for the recipe

This months favourite D.I.Y.: this sweater character by Evie from handmade romance. craftcubedworkshop

There will be a workshop on August 25th where she will teach you how to make your own sweater character. If you live in Melbourne, Australia go check it out over at craft Victoria.

This months favourite application: Writtenkitten a really rewarding writing application which shows you a new kitten picture very 100 words you time.

This months favourite Cute Item: This little chestnut mascot by Lola Goldsteinmascot by Lola Goldstein Visit her site for the cutest little handmade mascots I have ever seen.

This months favourite Etsy item: This miniature book bracelet from JanDaJewelrybook braceletJanDaJewelry is a Etsy shop owned by David and Janice, a married couple, who make lovely miniature book Jewellery.

Did you enjoy July?


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  1. New follower via the Wednesday Hop! What wonderful treats in this post! That miniature book bracelet is super cute, and those cupcakes look delish!