Tuesday 19 June 2012

Hex Nut bracelet

After browsing Pinterest for about 4 hours I found a bracelet DIY by honestlywtf

This tutorial seemed really easy so I went to the store and got myself 100 meters of twine and 60 hex nuts. Got home and found out 100 meters is a bit to much twine since I only used about 2 meters max for my 2 bracelets. I did tweak the design a little and for my second bracelet I coloured all the hex nuts with pink nail polish before making the bracelet. hex nut bracelet Sabjesblog

Sabine's way of the hex nut bracelet.

what you will need:

  • some kind of string
  • 30 hex nuts
  • hands
  • (optional) nail polish

how to do it:

Cut yourself a piece of string going twice around your arm. it’s always better to get more string than finding out you cut to little when you’re almost done with your bracelet.

Cut an other piece of string twice the size. Fold it in half and with the other string tie it into a loop. You will now have a knot with 3 strings on one side and a loop and a little piece of string at the other side. Trim of the little piece and start braiding the tree strand at the other side of the knot.

After about eight braids start braiding in the nuts, (If you want to know how visit  the original tutorial.) braid in 30 nuts and normally braid 8 braids again.

Tie a knot keep tying knots until you have a knot big enough for the loop to hold on too. Trim off the excess string and your done.

After I finished the bracelets I put a bit of clear nail polish over all the nuts to make sure they don't rust.signature


  1. The bracelet looks great and durable too. I was going through the ingredients and 30 Hex Nuts would add some weight which is quite a remarkable factor. No doubt this is a best innovative piece to mini jewelry art.

    1. They bracelets are a bit on the heavy side. It was one of the reasons I went for very small hex nuts.