Tuesday 14 February 2012

valentine’s day gifts

so today I received 3 valentine’s day gift from my boyfriend <3 now I feel kind of bad for only getting him one gift.

necklace this really pretty necklace which is gold plated so it wont irritate my skin ( I'm allergic to anything and everything)DSCN0316

this cosy teapot he gave me all kinds of strange clues to this gift days before valentine and i never would have guessed it.DSCN0311 and then when he came home from shopping he even brought me a rose. :D

happy valentines day.


  1. that is so sweet of your boyfriend. the teapot looks especially adorable

  2. Aww all 3 gifts are so cute. This shows how much he cares and love you. But I loved the cozy teapot the most. Its so cute!