Monday 27 February 2012

microwave mini chocolate cake

had this recipe written down in folder to post for about a month now and yesterday while having a DHTDAOGOSCDAIMPAD day(don't have to do anything or go outside so can dance around in my panama's all day). I was finally able to make photo’s of the progress so I could post this one. you will need the following

60ml flour
60ml nesquik
10ml sugar
6ml baking powder
45ml water
45ml oil

Firstly mix together the flour, nesquik, sugar and the baking powder in a drinking mug.DSCN0361 Then when fully mixed and in the water and oil. Mix again until you have a smooth mixture.DSCN0362

Put the cup in the microwave and microwave it for about 2 min on full power ( my microwave goes up to 800) stay close and make sure the cake doesn't rise to much and overflows the cup. It will be a sticky mess which is not fun to clean at all. After 2 min let it rest for a bit it way to hot to east directly. You could try taking the cake out of the mug but I usually eat it as it is with a spoon. DSCN0363Ok in this photo the cake actually started caving back in. I made the one on the photo at my boyfriends house and I don't get his microwave at all. So I guess 2 min was too long in his microwave. 

enjoy :D

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